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Cosmic Offerings.

Astral Distance Healing


Alignment Offering

Ancestral Clearing Session

Past Life Energy Clearing

Soul Awareness Session 


Body Wellness Support

Reiki Healing

Lunar Clearing Session

Aura Healing

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Sacred Space

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Want to learn more about distance healing?

Love from the
Astral Realm..

"I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to do both in person and distance healing with Vanessa.

Her energy transmits no matter the distance, and I always look forward to her treatments as dedicated me time. I have a busy schedule and the distance allows me to take advantage of her treatments.


In my healing journey I have received a lot of information and Vanessa is able to make the readings clear and concise so it's is easily understood. She is always so understanding and judgement free.

After her treatments I feel light, joyful, and loved. She lifts a weight off of you to allow for healing and
I feel loved and supported by the incredible write up she sends to me afterwards detailing the session. This allows me to take in everything she has done at my own pace and continue my healing journey.

Thank you Vanessa for the work you do!"

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