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Cosmic Healing

Journey with me through the stars and explore the innate wisdom of your soul’s expression..


Our Astral Realm Healings are deeply focused and supportive energy healing sessions to bring forth any energy that is no longer serving your greatest and highest love vibration. 


A one of a kind energy healing experience, we pull insight from the Astral Realm to receive spiritual guidance and healing frequencies to help you transmute any energies ready to return to light. 

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What is the Astral Realm?

What is included in a Cosmic Healing Session?

The astral realm. The ether. The astral plane..

While it has many names, the astral realm is a place that exists purely of energy, it is home to the Akashic Records.

It contains all the energy of all there every was and ever will be..

It’s wisdom is infinite. 

It is here, in the Astral Realm, that we are able to pull from this boundless energy to heal both past, present and future. We are able to explore physical/emotional/spiritual/past life and ancestral energy.

There are no physical barriers in the Astral Realm, making this the ideal conduit to connect through time and space, anywhere in the world.

During our time together, we will connect energetically in the Astral Realm- because we are able to access the energy of the astral plane from any time & anywhere, all Cosmic Healings are held remotely.


Cosmic Healing is a unique, one of a kind healing container that encompasses some of our most favoured energy healing modalities and energy healing practices. Each session is unique and created specifically for you by your spirit team based on the type of healing session chosen and what is coming forward for you at this time.


A cosmic healing session may include reiki/energy healing, crystal healing, tarot or oracle messages, pendulum work, energy or chakra analysis, vibrational healing utilizing the power of herbs or flower essences, tuning fork or sound therapy, intuitive channeling with messages from your spiritual guidance team such as your guides, angels and spirit animals.


Cosmic Healing Sessions include a minimum of 1 hr “hands on” energy healing (depending on length of session booked). This is followed up by your intuitive session insight report sent via email which narrates your full session details.


All Cosmic Healings include devotional email support post session to answer any questions you may have about your healing experience. 

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Let's play
in the stars..

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