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Aura Healing

Aura healing sessions allow for an intimate and sacred experience with one of your biggest energetic assets-

your aura!


Our aura is an invisible (yet visible, to some) energetic field that extends outwards 3-5 feet from our physical bodies. Our aura is comprised of 7 layers, each associated with a specific chakra.


Our aura is said to be our greatest ally for preserving our energy and our energetic field. Because the aura has such a magnificent job of being the “filter” for our energy bodies, aura hygiene is paramount to help maximize the vibrancy of our energy bodies. Without proper care and regular clearings, our aura can become bogged down with a lot of external energy from the collective. This may manifest in causing us to feel a lot of energy that we’ve taken on from others (sadness, worry, anxiety, anger, fear etc).


Aura clearing allows us to connect to the energy in each of these 7 layers and to release any energy we’ve taken on from the collective, peoples, places, situations- even our own energy that has become blocked here. Aura clearing helps to cleanse and strengthen the auric field. 

60 min.. $130 CAD

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