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Ancestral Clearing Session 

Our ancestral energy clearing allows us to take an indepth look at multiple generations of ancestral energy and release any of this energy that is no longer serving our greatest and highest good.


Why Ancestral clearing?


Often times we accept habits and limiting beliefs for what they are. How many times have you thought “it’s just the way I am”?

There are certain thoughts, habits and limiting beliefs that have been present within us for as long as we can remember. Energy gets passed down through our ancestral line, through trauma, living conditions, generational experiences etc. It might be challenging to decipher what belongs to our ancestors and what is from this lifetime, because many of us do not know our full ancestral lineage/history.


Many are surprised to learn that a lot of our belief system is rooted in the energy of our ancestors. There are scientific studies which prove today how much of our automatic conditioning comes from our ancestors from hundreds of thousands of years ago.


Ancestral energy makes up a large portion of our energetic blueprint and is a vital piece of the puzzle to discovering our path to healing.

60 min.. $150 CAD

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