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Past Life Energy Clearing

Dive deep into your subconscious mind and soul with our past life clearing session!


Our past life clearing session allows you to gently release any energy that was carried over from past life experiences.

This session is an in-depth look into energy that is coming forward to be released at this time that is affecting your current life circumstances/energy. 


Through a past life clearing we are able to release thought patterns, habits, limiting beliefs, karmic and energetic cords to connections from past life energy. 


A past life session goes into as much detail as needed to assist you on your current wellness journey. Past life clearing sessions may bring to light certain circumstances such as situations, time periods and connections from past life experiences. 


Often times we aren’t aware of just how much past life energy affects our current life cycle, and past life energy is a vital part of understanding our souls blueprint and karma.

60-90 min.. $150 CAD

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