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Mystic Mentorships. 

Devotional Healing 

In-Person Devotional Journeys

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Weekly Healing Journey

Journey inward with our deeply devotional healing program.

-Includes 4 one-hour healing ceremonies of your choice, weekly for 4 consecutive weeks.

Spiritual Bodywork or Intuitive Energy Healing.. $404

Intuitive Energy Healing + Spiritual Bodywork.. $488


Unearth your inner healer.

Semi- Weekly Healing Journey

Tune into the innate language of your soul with our sacred healing commitment.

-Includes 2 90 minute healing sessions of your choice, bi-weekly over 4 consecutive weeks.

Spiritual Bodywork/Intuitive Energy Healing or Intuitive Energy Healing + Spiritual Bodywork..$288


 Quiet the mind & the soul will speak.

All Healing Subscriptions include energetic follow up consultations
+ Spiritual home-care recommendations.

Mystic Mentorships

Return to Sacred and Sovereign.

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1:1 Mystic Mentoring allows us to hold sacred space for your journey into your authentic alignment.

Whether you are seeking guidance personally, professionally or spiritually- a mystic mentoring session is a heart-centered offering to assist your shifts into your divine mastery and sovereignty.

During our sacred time together, we will collectively work together with the intention to bring forth holistic wellness practices, mindfulness, awareness and heart-based living into your daily practices. These mindful practices may include anything from meditation suggestions, to wellness routines, to understanding and learning how to connect and utilize your divine energy in every day life.

shift from mind-full to mindful, from alert to awareness, and from react to respond.

It is my personal intention for you on this journey to feel empowered and connected to your divine inner light, for your to claim your role as the true and rightful sovereign of your life that you were born to be, the sovereign that has been waiting to be rediscovered.

60 min... $140

package of 4..$520

package of 6.. $720

*please note online booking is available for Virtual Coaching Sessions only. Please contact for in-person mentoring availability.


Devotional Dharma

I have been seeing Vanessa at Healing Lotus twice a month for Intuitive sessions for awhile now.

I always leave there feeling lighter, refreshed, calm and rejuvenated. Because the appointment is intuitive I've been the fortunate recipient of many of Vanessa's talents: reiki, scalp massage, reflexology, energy tuning and any combination of these therapies and more. All are provided with beautifully customized aromatherapy. Vanessa always knows what I need. I've gone in feeling headachy and awful and have come out feeling sooo much better. Vanessa has been a very important part if my journey of physical and mental healing this past year. I'm very grateful and highly recommend.

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