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Welcome Soul Seeker!

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Healing Lotus offers a wide variety of new-paradigm services to support you on your soul journey! 

We offer everything from intuitive bodywork sessions, in-person energy healing rituals, as a unique variety of remote energy services- (ancestral healing, past life work, karmic clearing etc.)

We also offer Mystic Mentorships, Healing Memberships and Spiritual Programs which allow you to tap into your innate inner-healer.

Regardless of where you are on our soul-path, we aim to offer mind-body-soul services for all light-beings!

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Soulful Reviews

"I cannot say enough good things about this experience-

I have never been so relaxed, almost to a meditative state.

Vanessa has the miracle touch and I am so grateful to have discovered her practice!"

A note for first time clients:

I'm so thrilled your alignment has lead you here, and I am deeply honoured to be your guide to unearthing your divine healing mastery.

We honour and respect the sacred connection that harvests your healing journey.

To best serve you on your spiritual journey all initial sessions for in-person healing are 90 minutes.

Please refer to pricing for 90 minute sessions**

We understand the value of having a strong support system

& connecting with resources that are in harmonious alignment for each unique part of your journey.

Over the years we have worked closely with so many amazing and talented practitioners both locally and globally!

It is our deepest intent to provide the most helpful support and services we can with honour, transparency and integrity.

We also appreciate that there may be other connections that would be most helpful at this point in your wellness journey, and we would absolutely love to support you with our amazing resource of practitioners.


Please fill out our first time client application OR if it has been more than 12 months since your last visit.

This allows us to get to know you, your healing goals, intentions and wellness aspirations.

This is a highly valuable resource so that we can support you in the best ways possible!


What's included in our Initial Healing Sessions?

*Healing session of your choice

-Spiritual Bodywork, Energy Healing or both.

*Mindful Consultation

-Creation space for us to connect and explore your healing intentions.

*Mystic Mentoring

-Home-care suggestions to continue to support your body + energy post session.

Let's get started!


"Magick awaits those who seek it."
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