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Healing Lotus

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Meet the Practitioner

Healing Lotus Holistics is the innately inspired Holistic Wellness Practice of Vanessa Schroeder- CAHP.

Healing Lotus opened it's doors to the holistic community in 2016.

Since then, Healing Lotus has provided a welcoming healing space with a tranquil atmosphere to all of those seeking mind, body + soul alignment.

Healing Lotus offers a wide variety of mind, body + soul services. Whether this is the first step on your holistic journey, or a well travelled path, Healing Lotus offers something for every soul seeker.

Our healing philosophy incorporates the art and ability of intuition in every healing session to provide you with a unique and one of a kind healing experience to awaken and connect with your inner healer.


Meet your Intuitive Energy Guide

Vanessa Schroeder-CAHP

Holistic Practitioner, Botanical Alchemist,

Modern Mystic + Intuitive Energy Healer

Hi star-shine!


So nice to meet you! I can’t wait to get to know all about YOU and your wellness journey! Connecting + guiding other soulpreneurs on their wellness path is what truly speaks to my soul. I started my wellness journey as a holistic massage practitioner almost a decade ago! And almost immediately I could feel there was more to this story. . .

When I first opened the doors to Healing Lotus, I was facing a challenging family diagnosis. Not knowing where to turn, I went inward- meditation and daily spiritual practices unearthed many healing gifts unbeknownst to me. From this, I experienced many miraculous healing synchronicities, not just with myself but in those around me as well.

I soon began to realize my connection to intuitive energy healing- clairaudience, clairsentience- the ability to see, and feel energy- not just in front of me but at a distance as well. The more I allowed myself to receive and trust in these gifts, the more they blossomed, and the more they were asking to be shared with the world.


Over the last two years, while the world adapted and pivoted, I was not much different in finding unique ways to continue to serve the collective.

 I began working 1:1 with clients remotely offering exclusively Energy Healing services. It was very quickly that I realized the amazing cumulative benefits that these healing sessions held. I also quickly discovered my connection to not only sense energy, but clear and transmute past life energy, as well as ancestral energies/emotional blockages/relationship cords/ limiting beliefs/thought patterns/karmic energies etc. 


So now you know a bit of my story, how it got started and how Healing Lotus evolved into what it is today. I’ve always had a deep passion for astrology and the moon, you can often catch me serving up astrology energy readings on instagram or including some astrological insight in the services I offer. 

I’m a Leo sun, Libra Moon + Cancer rising.

With my astrological North Node in Pisces, as well as having mystic lineage on my maternal grandmother’s side- not only is my passion for healing written in the stars, it also flows through my veins!


One of my favourite things about connecting with my extended soul family (amazing clients like YOU) is seeing the absolutely wonderful and amazing potential that comes to life when people are inspired to connect with their inner healer. When they feel empowered and safe showing up to let their inner light shine! There is nothing more powerful than seeing someone step forward in their authenticity and to manifest their inner most healing potential. It is my esteemed privilege to hold a loving nonjudgmental space for you to embody your divine healing mastery.


So looking forward to connecting with you!

                                              with cosmic love,


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