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The Rituals.

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Sacred + Ceremony


Integrated Energy Healing

Energetic Alignment

Tune into the peaceful vibrations of a custom energy healing session.

Energy Alignment may include, energy clearing, chakra analysis/balancing, auric cleansing, meditation, vibrational healing (tuning forks) or reiki healing.

60 min.. $100

90 min.. $140


Spiritual Bodywork

Innate + Intuitive

Allow us to create a custom bodywork session based on your spiritual energy.

This innately guided ritual may include holistic massage, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy or ayurvedic bodywork techniques.

60 min.. $100

90 min.. $140

120 min.. $180

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Intuitive Energy Healing  + Bodywork

Holistic + Integrative

Connect to your divine wholeness with a unique ceremony that includes our Spiritual Bodywork + Intuitive Energy Healing services!

This sacred ritual truly embodies the essence of mind, body & soul healing.

60 min.. $120

90 min.. $150

120 min.. $185

Love + Gratitude

"Vanessa has a natural gift for feeling and seeing energy, and then helping you clear energy that is ready to return to light. And her work is amazing, whether you're at her beautiful work space or receiving an energy healing in your own home. I highly recommend her!"

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