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Soul Awareness Session

Soul Awareness sessions focus on clearing energy from our earliest souls experience on earth in our current lifetime-

the womb.


During a Soul Awareness session we look at energy that was taken on during our experience in the womb before we made our debut earth side. In the prenatal experience there is important focus on health and nutrition, but what about support for our emotional experiences in utero? Being inside the womb holds a deeply emotional and spiritual connection, and much of our energy in the lower chakras can be a result of our pre-birth experience. This session will explore and release the energy which was taken on during your own pre-birth experience, allowing you to take a closer look at one of the earliest and most sacred times in our experience in this current life cycle.



*please note this is a womb regression session and is not intended to serve as a prenatal care experience. 

60 min.. $150 CAD

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