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Sacred Space

    Energetic clearing for your most Sacred Space-

home, property or business/commercial spaces.


Shift the vibration of your sacred space with a

Sacred Space clearing!


Over time stagnant energy, the energy of previous occupants, and visitors/clients can become stuck in our spaces.

We may become so attuned to these energies we may not be fully aware of the energy we are residing in daily.

Other times, the energy may be more palpable, we may feel out of alignment in these spaces, but not really quite sure why.


We are by-products of our environments and the spaces we spend the most time in. Over time the energy of these spaces can affect our own personal energy levels as well.


A Sacred Space clearing is like Spring cleaning for the heart & soul of these spaces. We spend time and care tending to the physical aspects of these structures but often overlook their energetic hygiene. Do you ever notice the energy when you walk into a certain space? One where you feel instantly at ease and peaceful. Or how about when you enter a space and something may feel “off” but you’re not entirely sure why. There may be many factors for this, but often times it is the ENERGY of the space speaking to you- the very blueprint of the space’s core energy it is naturally vibrating.


Sacred Space clearing includes a full report of your space’s energetic blueprint, which includes an in-depth summary of any energy which was cleared.

All spaces are also charged with Reiki healing to promote a positive & loving vibration. 


Sacred Space clearings aren’t just for new properties, but a vital part of improving and maintaining our own personal energetic vibration.

Vibrational alignment of your Sacred Space awaits you.

60-90 min.

Home/Property Clearing.. $130

Business/Commercial Space Clearing.. $150

*all prices in Canadian dollars

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